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About The Allergen Baker

The Allergen Baker is an owner managed manufacturing facility run and operated by women. The owner saw an opportunity in 2001 to manufacture biscuits and rusks for people with food allergies. Even though gluten free is the latest food trend, this company has been supplying allergy free treats for 17 years – initially as a Sole Proprietor, and now as a registered company.

The company is owner-managed by Diana Swales, a lady with coeliac disease, hence no wheat and no gluten. Her children have preservative allergies, hence no chemicals and no preservatives in any of the products. The Allergen Baker believes in empowering women, hence its employment policy of 90% African women work force.

The ladies are employed with no skills and are taught to work with the very difficult gluten free doughs and produce 9 types of biscuits/cookies and 4 types of rusks/biscotti, that are both tasty and allergen free.

After a meeting with a young mother with an Autistic son, Diana made the immediate decision to remove as many allergens from the products and the premises as possible. We now have a range which caters for most of the known baked goods related food allergies. The Allergen Baker is a niche production facility in that it caters for people with food allergies. Within the ever-expanding range you will find products that are free from the following:

Gluten, Eggs, Nuts, Wheat, Eggs, Lactose, Soya, Corn, Chemicals & Preservatives.

The Allergen Baker holds an Intertek certified pass and follows all GMP procedures within the manufacturing of the products. The Allergen Baker is the only manufacturer in South Africa catering to the hyper allergenic market.